Sunday, 28 December 2008

It begins...

Hello. Welcome to The Atomium.

I do not expect many people to visit this blog, and I expect even fewer will wish to return having read what's on offer. Fewer still will recognize the name as referring to a gorgeously hypnotic piece by obscure ambient musicians Stars Of The Lid. The track for me evokes a peaceful, relaxed state which seems very much rooted in a particular space; I imagine a vast, echoing dome where the sound waves generated by a arsenal of wondrous and impractical instruments reverberate palpably, almost visibly, off the aging bricks. This might sound scary, but for me it is always a place of warmth, safety and freedom.

That then, is the kind of place I would like this blog to be. Heaven knows there's a big scary world out there, but here beneath its vaulted arch, and in the flicker of its gaslights, the Atomium exists as a haven for thought, where ideas big and small, in poignancy or volume, may have the space to resonate, and be heard, understood and considered in safety.

That is my idea anyway. If it doesn't strike a chord with you, then no matter. If though, like me, you quite like the idea of such a space, please stay awhile, and do contribute if you wish. You are most welcome.

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